I’ve Got a Bike

So I’m in the process of deleting my old life. Not in a way that says ‘my old life sucks,’ but in a way that says ‘it’s time for a change.’ A much greater change. I’m selling most everything because I want to move across the pond to get a higher degree. (It’s an awesome new […]

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Northwest by Northwest

June 1st, 2015 Life—and this journey—has a lot of waiting. And walking. Waiting—for the train to get to its destination, watching the multitudes in color flashing by my eyes. my mind filling in the blanks. Waiting—for the rain to stop, under the eaves of uncertainty; I’m one of the few stragglers after getting off the […]

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On Moving On

“How he gave himself to it–. Loved. Loved his interior, the wilderness of his inner being, this primeval forest within him, on whose muted debris his heart stood light green. Loved, abandoned it, to trace the very roots out into mighty origins, where his small birth was by now outgrown.” –Rainer Maria Rilke from The […]

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